Laser Only Devices for Optimal Delivery of Energy to the Follicles

  • Scientific evidence from clinical trials demonstrates that LLLT reverses miniaturization, increases number of hairs per follicular unit, and induces and prolongs the anagen phase (click here to see macro images).
  • Hairmax® devices are manufactured with 100% medical grade lasers – NO LED’s
  • Laser light is collimated, meaning that it travels without divergence to the follicle
  • Focused, collimated laser light penetrates the scalp to reach the dermal papillae of the follicle, which is vital in stimulating optimal hair growth
  • LED’s are significantly less expensive but DO NOT have the breadth and scope of the proven clinical efficacy of lasers
  • The light emanating from LED’s in other devices delivers diffuse energy to the follicles, NOT collimated and focused like lasers

7 clinical studies were conducted at prestigious research universities throughout the USA, including Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami and the University of Minnesota, with 460 male and females subjects. Results published in 6 peer review articles with one clinical paper alone having over 150 citations.

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