Adjunctive Use With Hair Transplantation

Photo demonstrates improved healing with less redness, scabbing and post op shock fallout 7 days post surgery.

Many hair transplant surgeons observed the following benefits of the Hairmax laser devices in conjunction
with transplant surgery*:

  • Reducing post-operative shed
  • Improving graft retention/patency
  • Helping to accelerate the healing process
  • Improving overall scalp health
  • Accelerating growth cycle of the transplanted hair follicles
  • The teeth of the laser devices can be removed to treat the donor and recipient area more effectively.

It has been reported that use of the Hairmax laser devices post-surgery for 5 minutes, 3-5 times a day for 7-10 days yields best results. After 10 days, normal usage of the Hairmax laser devices, (3 times a week) can begin.