Physician Testimonials

David Kingsley, PhD – New York, NY
“After trying the Hairmax Lasercomb on myself and getting excellent results. I started using it on some of my patients to see if I could duplicate my own results.
After a short time I noticed impressive improvement on a majority of both my men and women patients…I now use the Hairmax Lasercomb as part of my trichology therapy treatments for hair loss and frequently use it in combination with minoxidil and Propecia as I also feel it helps enhance the effectiveness of these treatments.”

EM, M.D., Florida
“I have been using a Hairmax LaserComb since January of 2004 with excellent results. I have had a series of hair transplants, and, as is common with transplanted hair, it grows back very fine and thin, and I was somewhat disappointed after having spent so much money. I started using the Hairmax LaserComb, and as a result my hair is much thicker, more luxurious, and manageable. Friends ask if I have had more transplants done. My hair is abundant and natural looking, and I get many compliments on it and comments that I am lucky to still have a full head of hair at my age (54 years old)!”

John Kahen, M.D., Beverly Hills, California
“I started using the Hairmax LaserComb when it first appeared on the market. Every patient with a hair transplant procedure gets one free and that brings patients to the practice. Also, I speak on local TV and spend 20-30 seconds about the Hairmax LaserComb and how it works. Additionally, it is very important that I give unconditional money back for a year and so far I never had any returns or complaints. I tell all the patients this is the only FDA cleared laser comb. In California there is a popular company which advertises cold laser therapy for 4 thousand dollars for 6 months and my patients always ask about it and I tell them I have a better laser comb at a fraction of the cost. And also, I sell them on my web site as well.”

Steven Fishman, M.D., Goshen, NY
“I believe the Hairmax LaserComb is effective in retarding hairloss. I feel it promotes hair growth as well and have used it as an adjunct of medical therapy for myself and my patients who suffer from Hereditary Alopecia. It is simple to use and minimally time consuming.”

We would welcome receiving testimonials on the results of therapy with the Hairmax LaserComb or any successes you may have had in incorporating the device into your practice.