Typical Results

Results may vary

  • Increased hair growth
  • Faster growing hair
  • Revitalization of dormant hair follicles
  • Increased thickness and fullness of hair
  • More manageability and vibrancy
  • Results seen in as little as 12 weeks**

When used as directed, 3 times per week visible results include new hair growth, revitalization of dormant hair follicles, a substantial decrease in shedding, increased thickness and fullness of hair and better scalp health in as little as 12 weeks*.

A Typical User Experience:

A weekly breakdown of how a typical user responds to laser phototherapy treatment of hair loss with the Hairmax.

Weeks 1-8

As early as the first treatment, users report that their hair feels more lively, is more manageable and that their scalp feels healthier. Patients may begin to notice more shine and fullness and a slight increase in shedding. This slight increase in shedding is only temporary and should not be cause for alarm, it is actually a good sign that the Hairmax treatment is working. The advanced laser technology of the Hairmax targets the hair at the follicle level. The focused laser energy gently and effectively nourishes patients’ hair follicle to stimulate new hair growth. The new healthy hair will push out the “resting” hairs. The new hair will be stronger, healthier and thicker. The hair that was shed would have been shed anyway.

Weeks 8-12

Consistent with our clinical data, many of users start seeing noticeable hair growth in a few weeks. It may start with small “peach fuzz” like hairs sprouting from the scalp, and may also include a general thickening of the hair of patients. Additionally, improved manageability, increased shine is a strong indicator that the Hairmax is working for patients.

Weeks 12-20

Based on clinical studies, during this period most Hairmax users experience full benefits of the treatment. These benefits may include, new hair growth, a cessation of hair loss and hair that is healthier, thicker and more manageable.

Post 20 Weeks

If patients don’t see results within 20 weeks, we encourage them to continue using the Hairmax on a regular basis. Many of our users report that with continued use, they slowly start to notice thicker, denser hair and signs of new growth. Remember, the key to seeing the best results is for your patients to use the Hairmax consistently 3x per week, for 8-15 minutes per treatment. Ongoing use of the Hairmax LaserComb is needed to maintain healthy hair growth. If patients stop any benefits gained may gradually disappear.