Hairmax LaserComb ReviewsThe Hairmax LaserComb has helped hundreds of men and women around the world treat their hair loss.

This is a selection of quotes that indicate the results your  patients can have from your recommendation  us of the Hairmax LaserComb*.

‚ÄúI have been using the Hairmax for about 2 weeks, every other day for 11 minutes as instructed I have now noticed that there is a lot of fewer hairs left in the sink when I wash my hair I would say about 70% less hair that I am losing. I am thrilled and I would recommend this product, Hairmax to everyone… it is the only product I have tried that works.

– Carol S. Toronto, Ontario

“I am writing to sing the praises of the Hairmax LaserComb. I first learned of your product a few years ago as I began experiencing female thinning hair. The Hairmax LaserComb has been a godsend, as it has kept my hair shiny, helped with new hair growth and appears to have even thickened it.

All I can say is thanks for making such a great product available and affordable for personal use.

– Ruth Stone

“This is probably my last post on this forum (approx six months use). I can conclude my experiences by saying that that LaserMax Hair Comb has improved the quality of my life.

I base this statement on the following:
1. My hair appears thicker and stronger than anytime in the past 20 years (56 yr old female)
2. I have tried a number of sufate-free and regular shampoos and found my hair seemingly stronger
and thicker no matter which hair cleaner I use.
3. My scalp also appears healthier than anytime I can remember.

I have concluded that this laser comb WORKS. I have VERY conservative opinions relating to hair products and expectations. This laser comb exceeded my expectations.

Thank you LAS for your support and this forum.

Aloha to all and best luck!

‚ÄúI just wanted to say thank you for your product as it appears to be working. I just finished week 3 now and I’ve seen some exciting results. After the first two weeks my hair began looking more shiny and was more manageable – just healthier, nicer looking hair (and I swear my hair is darkening and some grey is actually coming out).

Today at the end of week three I noticed some shedding, which I expected to occur and I take this as a very good sign. Now the exciting news. I saw what appeared to be my scalp drying and flaking at the temple areas. So I grabbed my flashlight to get better light on the area and was pleasantly surprised to see that what I thought was dry, flaking skin was actually fine, peach fuzz white/grey hairs coming in with enough abundance that they were matted on my scalp and just appeared like dry, flaking skin. I took my finger and moved them around just to be sure but no doubt about it…little hairs. Hairs that were not there at week one. This was at the temple region and I had not expected this. I thought if there was any hair regrowth in would be in the crown area but not in the temple area. Needless to say, I was very pleased.

Thank you again for your product. I’m hopeful that at 47 years of age I now can look forward to keeping whatever hair I have (and maybe even replace some of what I lost, which looks to be the case) and I’m doing so without any drugs or topical chemicals.

Thanks Hairmax!!!

“My name is Marc Nelson and I am a satisfied user of the Laser Comb. I would like to provide you with the following testimonial:

“I have been using the laser comb for 5 months and have already began to see results. In the battle against hair loss, it’s been great to use a product that is so easy to use and has been clinically proven. It has certainly helped me to maintain the hair that I have, and the fact that their customer support is so exceptional further supports my decision to purchase the HairMax Laser Comb.”


– Marc

‚ÄúI bought the Hairmax Laser Comb about 6 weeks ago and people are starting to notice a difference in my hair already.Looks fuller and I can see little hairs growing on my temple its crazy didn’t think this was going to work can’t wait til 2-3 months down the road. I will post another review then.

(AUG 22 update) let me tell you that my results from using the laser comb have been great my hair looks great alot of people are noticing now this has been one of the best purchases i’ve made in years wow can’t believe it. Will post another update in Nov. (NOV update) i am now taking propecia also to get even better results.If you want to get your hair back buy this product.

– Juan Ferreira

“I have been on it for almost 2 yrs and I am happy with it. I was thinning in the front and back all of a sudden. I had a minor operation and after that my hair started to thin and I do use propeccia. Some reports state that after an operation or sudden shock to the system your hair can fall out.

I got the Hairmax and still take the propeccia and I will say this my hair did come back in the front and 70% in the rear I do not have a bald spot in the rear just thinning but not that noticeable now. I continue to use it as all I want to do now if keep what I have.”

Comment from another satisfied user, posted on the Hairmax User Forum
This is but one example showing what a difference the amazing Hairmax makes to people.

‚ÄúHi. I’ve been losing my hair since i was about 16. To be honest i wouldn’t care if I was 40 and bald, but im still young. Going bald was a nightmare, I got so much stick off my friends and when I told people my age they wouldn’t believe me. I have been depressed and have had no confidence for years. I am 21 now and have been using your laser comb for about 8 weeks. and I am happy to say I’m seeing great results. After the first week I noticed a difference, each passing week makes me happier and happier. I think my hair will be back to normal in about 2 months at the most.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved with the laser comb. You have changed my life and made me so happy. Thank You. I will recommend the comb to the hair dressers i am finally going to go to .

Again Thank You.

– Philip Carrol, UK

“I have been on propeccia for over 5 years. It has been great my hair has been thick and I started taking it not to lose hairs and fill in my scalp which it did. Six months ago all of a sudden the back of my scalp thinned out yes there was hair but you could see a thinning bald spot from close and far away also the front of my hair seemed thin. I stressed out wondering why it was happening. I found Hairmax and got it March of 08. I followed the directions doing the whole head. Within 3 weeks I saw my temple getting hairs which was an unexpected suprise and my hair seemed fuller. I kept to the grindstone and after a few weeks more my scalp is pretty much back to where it was prior. Even with a wet head it looks good which really says a lot. My confidence is back and the hairmax works, I will not stop using it. Thank you for making me feel so confident again.

– R.L., Williamstown, NJ

‚ÄúSince age 19, I began to noticed my hair beginning to thin. I always had soft hair, but a lot of it. Then it began to fall out and get thinner and finer, it was a great source of stress for me. I have tried every thing from hair gels, to pills. I tired dutasteride which gave me nasty side effects and propecia the same. I have been keeping an eye on this product for years but never thought i should do it. A friend mentioned the low level laser light devices so I decided to look in to it.. I was worried about spending so much money, but then realized that if I bought it and it did’nt work for me, I could quite easily sell it and get my money back. Well after 8 weeks of using it, I am quite happy with the results, my hair is thicker, darker and there definantly seem to be more of it. I will continue to use it, but I am pretty sure, if not quite certain it is working. All it requires is patience and a little routine, like brushing your teeth each day. You no longer need to stress about loosing your hair, becuase this seems to stop it. I hardly get any hair at all on my pillow or in the shower when I am washing my hair its wonderful. When my hair is wet in the rain it doesnt look quite so floppy, it stands up more, which means the thickness of each strand has increased. Just wanted to say thank you for this device, its changed my life and made me feel so much better about my self, I feel more confident then ever. Thank you.

– J.G., London, England

‚ÄúHere are my results: I’m a 21 year old male from Moscow with hair loss. I’ve been using Lasercomb for 7 months now. I started to see positive results after 3 months of usage. My hair became thicker and I felt less itching. I can see that my hairloss has stopped. Now I can even see little hairs on the spots where it wasn’t. Great device.

Thank you for your help. I really feel better after using it.

– Dmitriy, Moscow, Russian Federation

‚ÄúI just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product! Last year at 32 years old I was diagnosed with alopecia. I was devastated. I had noticed my hair wasn’t as thick as it used to be, but I have had an insanely thick head of hair most of my life. I never realized I was losing a lot of it in the front until I tried a new haircut (bangs) and could really notice it.

I looked everywhere for a product that would help me regrow my lost locks. I tried multi-vitamins and went to a dermatologist. I was told by my dermatologist this was a part of life and couldn’t really be treated. I became very depressed. I was dreading spending half my savings on a hair transplant. With student loans and cost of living I was even more depress wondering how I could pay for a “superficial”—in my mind surgery.

When I found Hairmax online and read the testimonials I admit I was very skeptical. My doctor told me it was impossible to regrow my hair.

I am glad to say she was wrong!

Has my hair regrown completely? No. But it is significantly fuller and working with other products on the market it looks natural and no one can tell I have thinning hair. I love this product and am refering all my friends and collegues to your website. Your product is worth the investment and much more cost effective than a hair transplant!

Thank you for giving me my confidence back!!!!

– K., Chicago, USA

“You have no idea how long I have suffered about hair loss. Nothing is more embarrasing. I tried Rogaine for 3 years, with bad results. The hair would start to grow and just fall out.The product leaves your hair filmy and dirty. Just in 2 months of using the haircomb, my hair has stopped falling out, and is growing back. I am so excited about your product I am telling everyone. I also love your shampoo and conditioner. I again, have tried everything, even the expensive Beverly Hills stuff. Your products are all natural, and not expensive and work wonderfully on my hair.

God bless you, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Keep my e-mail address for special offers on your shampoo and conditioner. It is a Happy New Year!

All my best,

– Chris G, Napa, CA