Comparable Costs for Hair Loss Treatments

Below is a listing of some of the liquid, lotion, and pill products monthly costs taken from individual web sites. The monthly cost shown for the Hairmax LaserComb® is the monthly amortized cost based on the 10 year life expectancy of the device+.

Product Monthly Yearly 5 Years
Hairmax +(10 year lifespan) $4.50 $55 $275
Caps/Sol $33 $400 $2,000
Shamp/Gel $68 $820 $4,100
Tabs/Serum $37 $440 $2,200
Shamp/Cond $55 $660 $3,300
Supplement $33 $400 $2,000
Finesteride $45 $540 $2,700
Minoxidil Foam $14 $168 $840

With a plethora of products on the market claiming to regrow hair, it is relevant to compare the cost of some of these products on a monthly, yearly and 5 year basis vs. the cost of a one-time purchase of the Hairmax.

The Hairmax laser devices are  cleared for the treatment of pattern baldness in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)*. Unlike the Hairmax laser devices, no other device of its kind, have had any rigorous scientific studies conducted at major teaching enters of dermatology completed, with results published in numerous  peer review journals.

Further, all of these products generally require a monthly purchase, whereas the Hairmax is a one-time purchase and has a life expectancy of 10 years. The Hairmax laser devices work when used as either or concomitant therapy.

The Hairmax is not only cost effective, but has the added advantage that will prevent hair fallout and normalize growth* to give you a healthy more vibrant head of hair.