HairMax Laser Devices – Landmark Clinical Study Results

This Information Will:

Facilitate your understanding of the HairMax laser devices – Enable you to incorporate the devices into your therapeutic armamentarium – Will provide a number of resources on the treatment of AGA – Provide a bibliography of useful information on treating hair loss.

The HairMax Laser Devices Are:

The ONLY home laser phototherapy devices proven in 8 clinical studies with 460 male and female subjects, to be effective in regrowing hair in male and female patients with certain classes of AGA* – FDA Cleared for marketing* by the FDA* – Useful as either mono-therapy, concomitant therapy, or as an adjunct to other treatments or procedures.

Reasons to Recommend:

Backed by a highly ethical, established and reputable manufacturer -Years of clinical research, and design quality experience – Over 1.8 million men and women worldwide have treated their hair loss with the HairMax laser devices. – Countless numbers of physicians have included the devices in their treatment armamentarium, as first line non-drug treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

Thank you for visiting the HairMax website for medical professionals. The HairMax laser devices will enhance your treatment of AGA in men and women* and increase patient satisfaction with therapy. The HairMax LaserComb Ultima 12 or the HairMax LaserBand 82 and LaserBand 41 are ideal for health care professionals. The Ultima 12 and Ultima 9 models incorporate 12 or 9 individual laser diodes respectively for localized TX. The LaserBand 82 and LaserBand 41 are enhanced hands free device for full scalp coverage, that requires as little as 90 seconds treatment 3 times a week. The LaserBand 82 and LaserBand 41 are an ideal non-drug Tx for diffuse  postmenopausal hair loss and provide a quick treatment time for enhanced  patient compliance. The  HairMax LaserBand 41 and the HairMax LaserComb Prima 9 are useful for patients with a secondary DX of AGA and thinning hair.

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